Monday, April 03, 2006

This moving thing is hard work

I have had great ambitions to blog lately. In fact, I've got a couple of good posts mapped out in my little black book, where I keep my notes.

Unfortunately, we're getting ready to put our house on the market, as some of you may or may not know. And it's amazing how much work getting a house you've lived in for nine years ready for an open house can be!

However, we are getting close. Last week, we had most of it ready for the photographer. The house was supposed to be up on the realtor's website this weekend, but it doesn't actually go on the market until Wednesday. (I'll post the link to the website here when it goes live.)
UPDATE -- Here's the link to the realtor's site. Be sure to click on the "Gallery" link when you're taking the virtual tour for the whole picture package.

So I spent the weekend sorting, cleaning and packing. We've got rid of a lot of stuff and put some more in storage and late last night, I was wandering around the neighbourhood putting bags of garbage out with other people's trash. (We have a 3-bag limit here on trash bags.)

Anyway, that's my long-winded way of explaining why my posts have not been as regular lately. But soon, we'll be back to regular programming. In the meantime, I'll update you on our excellent house adventure as things unfold.

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