Monday, April 03, 2006

This guitar video is astounding

Paul -- This one's for you. I've been playing a guitar, in one form or another, for over 40 years. But I have never seen or heard anything quite like this. Check out this video and prepare to be impressed.

Thanks to Eric for pointing me to Phil's blog, who is pointing to the YouTube video. That's how this "conversation" thing works.

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Paul said...

Wow! That sounded amazing.

Back in the 80's there was a gent from Sweden who we thought was the second coming of Eddie Van Halen. He played very quickly and most of his songs were instrumentals -- written closely, if not copied from classical music. His name is Yngwie Malmsteen.

This guy reminds me of him.

Dave said...

I remember that name, but I haven't heard of him in years. However, judging from his official website ( he's still going crazy. I wonder whether we'll figure out who the kid in the video is. Has anybody found out any info about him yet?

MarkusFarkus said...

check out some of the guitar videos on youTube is cool, but Veoh blows them away. It comes down to YouTube is good for sharing short videos, Veoh is for broadcasting full screen high definition videos. All of the tools of YouTube with none of the restrictions. I think you will be very pleased.

Dave said...

Hey Markus -- thanks for the mention of veoh. It is a pretty amazing site. I hadn't heard of it before but the stuff that's on there looks great. Quite an operation. Now that youTube is getting so much attention, we may see other sites like this pop up into public awareness too.

philgomes said...

Have you ever heard Malmsteen's Concerto For Guitar And Orchestra in E-Flat Minor?

Incredible stuff he recorded with the Czech Philharmonic. (At least that's the performance I have on CD.)

Dave said...

I haven't heard it, but I'm going to order it. If his stuff is as good as you guys say it is, it will be right up my alley. Thanks for the pointer.