Friday, February 03, 2006

Painting your body is all the rage

Have you watched Miami Ink?

It's a reality show on the TLC network. My cousin's daughter, Jessica, has been living with us this year, while she finished up her Grade 12. And until she arrived, I'd never heard of this show. But Jess is really taken with it. She says she can't turn it off when it's on, even if she does have an early class.

Over the semester break last week, she went to Montreal to visit her aunt and when she got back, she had gained a couple of new flowers, as you can see here. The tatoos are beautiful and my daughter Kelly is in awe. Kelly wants a tatoo too, (a too too?) but her tastes run more to a discreet little Maple Leaf on her ankle. She wants to make sure people in Kentucky remember that she's a Canadian next year.

Personally, I've never had the urge to paint my body that way. While I've got nothing against tatoos, I guess I can't help thinking about what they'll look like a few years down the road. (When I look like the guy in the photo below) What seems like a good idea on firm, young flesh takes on a whole new perspective in middle age.

However, I notice at the company I'm working at how many younger folks sport tatoos. And they're not covering them up either. There was a time when people didn't show off body art and piercings at work, but now it's a lot more mainstream. Times change. What about you? Any thought to getting a little something extra on that exposed skin?

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