Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Making it big in the blogosphere

Wow! I got two posts mentioned in the PR briefs note on the Mutually Exclusive PR weblog. Now I know I've really arrived.

Actually, Eric Eggertson, who runs the blog, is an old friend of mine from Regina and one of the best PR bloggers around. His insights and wry humour inject a note of Prairie reality into the sometimes rarified air of corporate communications. Since he entered the realm last year, he's become one of my must-reads. And he's also been kind enough to send quite a few readers my way.

Thanks Eric. And keep 'em coming!

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Eric Eggertson said...

Hey, I just points people where I sees interesting stuff. Just don't take it personally if I don't link to you for a month or two. They seem to come in bunches.

I'd say something else complimentary, but the mutual appreciation thing would just get too much for my cynical mind to handle...