Monday, February 13, 2006

If you're wondering where I've been

I've been in Victoria for most of last week and the first part of this one. So I haven't been blogging (as you would have noticed if you've been visiting.)

I had hoped to show you some pictures from around here, but I've been unable to get decent connections to the Internet, so I've been passing on worrying about it and concentrating on enjoying myself.

My wife, Heather, has been out here since just after Christmas and we've been having fun looking at potential sites for her new practice office. It looks like she and her partner are close to signing a lease for an ideal location. It's all very exciting.

As for where we are going to live when we're out here, that's a different story. We know the area we'd like to be in, but we're not sure that we'll be wanting to buy another house when we arrive in the summer. So we're looking at renting, but having two large dogs limits the market considerably!

Oh well, these are the things that make moving so much fun, right?

I'll be back in Hamilton later this week and I'll resume regular programming then. In the meantime, Go Canada!

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