Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Why I haven't been writing much

OK, this isn't the real reason why I haven't been too active. But this article in today's Globe is in the ball park.

Career's columnist Judith Timson talks about "last-minute-itis" and how it's sweeping the nation. Even stay-at-homes like me, with little apparent reason to be behind in what I do seem to be affected by it. Whatever it's cause, I do seem to be behind the eight-ball on all kinds of things. Like for instance, I'm supposed to be at the university in a few minutes to meet I'd better run.


Melanie said...


That's a great article. I didn't realize that Timson wrote for the Globe, which shows you how often I actually get around to reading my expensive subscription. Dammit.

Paul said...

Yes Melanie, expensive. That money could be put to something more useful ... like pints of Guiness!