Sunday, June 19, 2005

Proud (but Sad) Papa...Summer Games Rowing Update

It's Father's Day, but it's hard to feel really happy today. Both of my daughters were trying out for the Ontario Rowing Team that's going to Regina in August for the Canada Summer Games. But alas...they both missed the cut today.

Both Kelly and Jaime had a good shot at the team. They have been training hard all year, and were very excited about their prospects. Heather and I were in London on Friday and Saturday for the trials. I was there with my new stop watch that the kids gave me for my birthday. It lets me keep track of their stroke rate, just like a real rowing geek, so I love it. Last night, we were the only people watching from the grandstand...But when we left to come home last night we were optimistic that we'd get good news this morning.

But about 9, Jaime phoned in tears. She and Kelly and Kelly's boyfriend, Spencer Brewer, all lost out in the final decisions. They were devastated. In fact, they were so upset they booted it out of there without their boats, which they had to go back and pick up after breakfast.

My heart aches at times like this. Sometimes it's really hard to be a parent and watch your kids have to deal with tough lessons. You want so much to help but there's really nothing to do but be supportive and let them know how proud you are of their dedication and their talent. They did their best and that's all you can ask. In the end, the decision was made and now they have to accept that. would have been fun for them to have rowed in their hometown.

There's a part of me that can't help feeling my kids got shafted, I've got to admit. Rowing is an elite sport, no question about it, and sometimes it seems like who you know and where you're from count as much or more as anything else...but that's probably just me tasting those sour grapes. So I won't dwell on it.

For now, it means both Kelly and Jaime can turn their sites to the Henley Regatta in early August. And their prospects for doing well there with the Leander Boat Club look really now the training continues, but with a different goal in mind. This really is a great sport.

As for Father's Day...well, I've got the best kids in the world. Jaime just called and says they've both recovered from their shock and disappointment and now they're on their way home. And Cory just called because he was thinking of me. That's all I really need to hear.

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