Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Buckets of Grewal - the name says it all

If you've been watching the news out of Ottawa, you'll know that today the debate on the same sex marriage bill is supposed to wrap up and a final vote will happen, leaving the way clear for all the MPs to head home for their summer break.

To say this was an eventful session is putting it mildly. But one of the enduring controversies of the past few weeks has to be the strange affair of Gurmant Grewal and his claims to have been seduced by the Liberals, only to turn the tables and release his controversial recordings of the seduction.

I've just heard about Buckets of Grewal an interesting blog devoted to the Grewal affair. There's an obsessive amount of detail here, including a slide show on Flickr that compares the original transcripts with the newer versions. Fascinating stuff, in a political geeky kind of way.

Thanks to Geoffrey Rockwel at McMaster University for pointing me to this item.

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