Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama victory - on the scene report

I'm starting to think that my daughter Jaime is a good luck charm for politicians. They'd be wise to take note of this.

Jaime was in Chicago yesterday night for Obama's victory rally - and it was quite the experience!

This morning, she talked to CBC Regina and described her day to host Sheila Coles.

Link to CBC Regina interview with Jaime

This was Jaime's third time working the ground on election day - once here in BC, once during last year's provincial election in Saskatchewan and now working for Obama in Iowa. And so far she's 100% successful!

So, if you're considering running for office, look her up. She's got an impressive track record as an election worker.

Way to go Jaime.

By the way, I've asked her to send along some photos, so if she does, I'll add them here later.

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