Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Jaime is on the Obama campaign trail

A lot of Canadians are interested in the US election results today. But some are more interested than others.

Today, my daughter, Jaime, is in Chicago to help get the vote out for her favourite - US President Barack Obama.

Jaime has volunteered for the Obama campaign after spending the weekend visiting her sister, Kelly, who lives in Edwardsville, Illinois, about four hours west of Chicago.

Today, she's been bussed over to Iowa to help in that battleground state. But the best part, for her, is that she'll be able to go to Obama's victoria rally (she hopes) in Chicago tonight.

This morning, Jaime was a guest on CBC Regina's Morning Edition, hosted by our friend, Sheila Coles.

I grabbed a copy of the interview and I've posted it for anyone who wants to hear.

Link to Jaime's interview.

On Wednesday, Jaime will be back on CBC to talk about the results with Sheila and I hope to get that interview as well.

Much more to come.

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