Thursday, January 27, 2011 is a lifesaver for old hardware

This post might not mean much to those of you that have nice, new hardware. But for anyone who is making do with an older computer, be it a Mac, Windows or Linux machine, I just came across a great resource called

I did a very dumb thing and tried to upgrade the version of Skype on my laptop. But the new Skype v5.0 for Mac requires an Intel chip and won't run on my old PowerBook. I didn't notice that before I pressed the button. Big mistake.

No problem, I thought. I'll just download a copy of the old version. But when I went looking for an older version to download and revert back, I couldn't find it anywhere on the Skype website! I needed to have Skype working and I started to panic, because my backup disk is at my house and I'm not there.

However, a quick Google search turned up, or more specifically It's a great resource that seems to have a whole lot of software which has been updated. There are lots of programs for Mac, Windows and Linux.

So if you're not running the latest and greatest hardware, you may find something that you need there.

I was able to download the latest version of Skype 2.8 for Mac and its working just fine.


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