Friday, February 27, 2009

The urban jungle

The urban jungle
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am drawn to explore the woods around my home. First and foremost, it's a good place to walk the dogs. Although the area isn't called a formal off-leash area, its accepted as such and I've never had any problems letting Blue and Roxy roam free.

There are a lot of places to explore. Paths wind off the main walk. Some are made by animals but most are created by the people who call the park home at night. There's quite a collection. I don't see them often but I hear them sometimes when I'm walking. And places like this one are a popular gathering spot. It's a nice rise of land surrounded by dense bush. It's not easy to get to which is probably one of the attractions for people who are sleeping there. They want to know when someone is coming. Unfortunately for them, the police and municipality types make regular sweeps of the area. When they find a camp, they come in and wipe it clean, taking away everything they find. It must be tough to come back to the place you think of as "home" and find all your belonging have been thrown into the back of a city truck and hauled off to the dump.

I couldn't quite figure out what the lettering on the rock said. It might have been "blood" or "food." Or "Ipod," I suppose. Of course, it's possible it's been there for thousands of years, laid down by an ancient tribe that worshipped there. But I doubt it somehow. I don't think they're spray painting was that refined.

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