Monday, February 23, 2009

Clearing Deadfall

Clearing Deadfall
Originally uploaded by Dave Traynor
The winter has been hard on the park where I walk the dogs. They're clearing the paths and cutting down dangerous trees throughout the area. Maybe it's because I'm from the Prairies but I have difficulty seeing these big trees get cut down. Where I come from, we don't do that. Trees are precious on the bare prairie and if they ever got this big, we kept them around. But things are different in a real forest. And where people and animals are walking a lot, there's a safety factor as well.

This photo was taken in Cuthbert Holmes park, not too far from our house in Victoria. Click on the photo for a larger view on my Flickr site. The dogs and I usually wander through the park two or three times a day.

I created a Google Map (just for the heck of it) so you can see where I took the photo.

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