Thursday, January 10, 2008

Around the world update

40_photogallery1_2684558099_thumb_P9070014.JPGBack in October, I told you about Glenn Wakefield, a Victoria sailor who is sailing alone, non-stop, around the world, from east to west. He's now getting close to the half-way point of his voyage, somewhere in the Indian Ocean, south and west of Australia.

It's been an interesting trip so far (to say the least) and thanks to his wife, Marylou, we've been able to follow along through their website Kim Chow is the name of his boat.

While the daily reports have been great, Marylou now has some new pictures of her hubby on the boat. Back in December, Glenn was able to heave a package containing some letters and a digital card from his camera to a passing fishing boat when he was off the coast of New Zealand. According to the rules of the these circumnavigation voyages, he's not allowed to touch land or any other boat until he gets back to his home port. The fishing captain sent the package home when he got back to port.

So that's why when Marylou arrived home from work one day last month, there was a FedEx box waiting at her door. And just as she tore it open and stood flabbergasted looking at the letters from Glenn, her telephone rang. It was Glenn, on his now-working satellite phone, calling her for the first time. What a great Christmas present for everyone.

Here's the link to the pictures, which are on the site now. And who knows...maybe if another boat gets close enough we'll get some more to look at before the end of the voyage in July.

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