Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vudu Casts Its Spell on Hollywood - New York Times

Have you seen Apple TV? This new way to get audio and video from your computer to your TV has been taking off since its introduction a few weeks ago. I don't have one...yet. But I admit I'm sorely tempted. Especially since my Ipod died last week and I don't have the resources to buy another one yet. I'm suffering some severe gadget withdrawal at the moment.

But as good as Apple TV seems to be working, it still doesn't deliver something that I've long hoped for -- instant access to every movie ever made. The holy grail, in other words, for movie buffs. Think about it. All these movies, in digital form, just waiting on a server somewhere for me to order them up and watch it on my TV. That's a good thing to think about. Unfortunately, it's only a dream, right?

Well, it looks like it could come true sooner than I thought. At least, the concept is getting closer. This weekend, The NY Times has a very interesting piece on Vudu, a Silicon-valley start-up that looks like it might take the world by storm this summer. It's a good read and it gives dreamers like me a bit of hope that we might reach movie nirvana yet.

Here's the link to the story.         

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