Thursday, April 05, 2007

A son's tribute to his Dad

My Dad died in June, 1995, nearly 12 years ago. Hard to believe.

When he died, I got a card from a friend that had a simple message. It said, "I never really felt grown-up until Dad died." How true.

I've never really written about my Dad's death or what he meant to me and the rest of our family. It's just been too hard. Even today, 12 years on, it's still "too soon."

So today, when I listened to the most recent edition of the Digital Flotsam podcast, the content really hit home.

Digital Flotsam is done by P.W. Fenton (or P-Dub, as he's called by everyone). It's best described as a story-telling podcast, teamed up with wonderful music. It's always one of my favourites.

This edition is called "Room at the Top" and it's a tribute to P-Dub's Dad, who passed away on March 15.

Take a listen. You can find it at

Let me know what you think.

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