Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Proud Papa - Head of the Charles edition

This is a big weekend for me on the rowing front, although I'll only be participating from afar.

My two daughters, Jaime and Kelly are both rowing in Boston, at the Head of the Charles regatta, the largest 2-day regatta in the world.

Jaime is in the Lightweight Women's Championship 4 race, the same race she won last year (that's UVIC (in white) in last year's race in the photo above) as a member of the University of Victoria team. Last year's performance will be a tough one to match, but she's very confident and looking forward to this year's race.

Kelly will be rowing in the Womens' Collegiate 4, with the University of Louisville. She spent the fall working really hard to earn a place in the boat, and all the hard work paid off last week, when the final seat placements were announced. She's had a great freshman year and earning the right to go to Boston (especially with her sister being there) has been a real thrill.

And of course, I couldn't be more proud of these two. Last year, Heather and I were in Boston to watch the girls compete. (See the highlights here, here and here.) Jaime was in the Champ 4 race, while Kelly rowed her single. It was one of the highlights of my regatta-watching career, and I do wish I could be there this weekend.

Oh well. I'll have to be content with phone calls back from the girls, and perhaps watching some of the results come in live on the website. They're putting up a live feed on Saturday and Sunday. At least I can imagine what's going on, since I've been there before.

I'll have an update early next week to let you know how things went. I might even have a picture or two, if either of them remembers to send one along.

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