Thursday, October 05, 2006

A brand's worst (and next worst) enemies

What a wierd (and wonderful) coincidence.

While I was still in Ontario, I had planned to write a post about Marineland's jingle. Those of you in Ontario will know instantly what I'm talking about. The rest of you that aren't clued in can go here and listen for yourself.

In the tradition of the best jingles, it's a simple tune, but once you hear it, you don't forget it. And that's why it works. I had a few ideas for what I was going to say about the branding issues, but I hadn't gotten around to writing them up yet.

Today, I opened my mail and what do you know? I discovered that Ted Matthews (The Brand Coach) had stolen my ideas. At least, that what it seemed like when I read his most recent newsletter.

I worked with Ted when we were creating the brand awareness campaign for Advocis (formerly the Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers) and I've been receiving his monthly Insight newsletter ever since.

His comments on branding are usually right on the money and never more so than this month, when he seems to have used my comments, although I hadn't actually told anyone yet. I guess that just shows how insightful we both are.

So rather than my having to write a blog post outlining my own words of wisdom, I can just send you over to Ted's place, and let him do the talking for me. Thanks, Ted.

At any rate, his advice about protecting your brand by keeping an eye on those who claim to be working in your best interests is good. Don't be seduced by "new" when what you're doing is already working just fine.

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