Tuesday, April 20, 2004

More election stuff...

Yesterday, I was wondering when, if ever, there was going to be a federal election. Now, it looks like the betting is on again for a June election, at least according to the Globe's John Ibbitson. To whit:

Mr. Martin is campaigning across the country, endlessly reannouncing his election platform. Caucus members are being told to rent campaign offices. In Winnipeg, rumours are rife that Mayor Glen Murray is getting ready to announce his candidacy, something he is not prepared to do unless and until an election is imminent.

But Ibbitson warns that the Martinites appear determined to move forward with their election plans without healing the rift between the Martin and Chretien supporters, which could prove a significant problem down the road. Still, given the size of the mandate that Martin won from his own party at the convention, it's hard to see this rift being more than just something the media is perpetuating. If the Liberals do manage to pull out a fourth majority, you can be sure that all will be forgiven. And if Martin does end up going down, he'll pay the price for that as well.

If the country is going to go to the polls in June, as stories from the weekend are suggesting, it will be interesting to see how the campign develops, given that Canada will be in the grip of Stanley Cup fever for most of that time. That means the CBC newscasts will be running at odd times for most of it. This story could get interesting really fast.

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