Monday, April 19, 2004

Making politics fun to watch

As a Canadian political junkie, I can't help but feel a little envious at what's happening with our neighbours. There's something kind of refreshing about the way that the Bushies and the Kerryites are hammering away at each other, even thought the election is a long ways off. It's just not the same up here, where we see our Prime Minister (not) campaigning every day at some event or another (Today, it's a speech to aboriginals) across the country. Tomorrow, it will be another. Meanwhile, our MPs are back in Ottawa without any idea of what they're going to be doing to earn their money. Will there be a spring election? Or will it be in the fall? Or will it be next year? Does anyone really care?

On the other hand, the gloves are off in the US presidential election. It's happening and no one is arguing about when or where. George and John (and Ralph, don't forget) are waging war with each other. The latest shots (beyond the usual rhetoric) is happening on the Internet. Bush's supporters have launched a new, online video game called "John Kerry: The Tax Invader Web Game." People who log on get to shoot down tax proposals using a little animated George Bush head that fires the bullets. Cute...

Not to be outdone, the Democrats put together an Internet Ad of their own, called Mistakes Were Made. It features video footage from last week's televised press conference of the President struggling to come up with an answer to a question on what his biggest mistake was since Sept. 11. While he hems and haws, several suggestions come up on the screen, such as "We found the weapons of mass destruction," and "Mission accomplished." The ad ends with the message "Credibility is on the ballot this November." More good stuff.

I like this stuff. But in Canada, we see self-serving ads from our political leaders that don't really address much. They're really soft, and they don't give much credit to us as voters...then again, since more and more of us don't vote, perhaps we're getting just what we deserve...What I'd prefer is to know that we're in a campaign and just be done with all this "timing" nonsense.

As George might say..."Bring 'em on."

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