Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Transforming a Panorama into a Movie

I've always liked panoramas when I'm making photographs. Thanks to apps like AutoStitch for my iPhone, it's become pretty easy to shoot impressive panorama's with a minimum of effort. Like the one below, which I shot on our holiday in Saskatchewan last month.

Prairie skies

Of course, shooting with an iPhone is nowhere near the quality that I can get with my Nikon. And when you combine a digital SLR with a sturdy tripod, add in a bit of Photoshop processing and a really cool location, like Bagan, Burma, you'll come up with an amazing panorama shot like the one that Ben Wilmore has done.

He stitched together 14 different images into an amazing single panorama, then turned the image into a movie and posted it to YouTube. The result is a very impressive panorama that seems to go on forever.

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