Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yes We Can - the update

The debate over the health care package in the US was hard to watch. As it devolved into a hate and blame match, it seemed pretty obvious that the lofty hopes and aspirations of Barack Obama's ascent to the presidency had crashed and burned.

But when the bill finally passed, by the narrowest of margins, I couldn't help but hope that maybe Obama's promise of social change hadn't been entirely wiped out. Perhaps there was a spark left that might be fanned back into life.

This morning, I came across this re-mix of's original Yes We Can video. (link to the original) It's a brilliant piece of work and vividly contrasts Obama's original message of hope with the Republican's single-minded argument of anger and denial. Maybe we can.

You can watch it below, or click here to see it on YouTube.

And one more thing. You might want to skip the comments on the video if you'd rather not get dragged into the muck.

- via Rob Cottingham

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Tom King said...

A powerful emotional argument using the sincerity and gullibility of folks looking for a better world in support of "change", the current administration promises to exchange our right to self-determination for a big bloated government, our liberties for bread and circuses and health care, and our right to pursue happiness for a society in which the government tells you what is happy, where you should live, what job you will do. We hope for change that will somehow, by legislative fiat, change everyone's hearts and minds and make us all good people by giving control over our lives, not to us, but to politicians (and oh, what a trustworthy lot they've proved to be).

When has that EVER worked.

And to make sure the transition to socialism is complete, they will spend until our economic system collapses of its own weight and then pronounce the American dream a failure over the ashes.

I'm with Boehner. "Oh, no you can't!" Not while real Americans still have a vote left. You have to wonder when they will propose some sort of test or loyalty prerequisite before you can vote?

How's that hope change working out for you? For me, not so good.