Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Gruber on Apple's Tablet

Some of you may have already this article. I'm just catching up on my reading which slipped about over the holidays. But it's one that I can't resist pointing people to.

I'm an admitted Apple fan - there aren't many of their products that I don't like. (After all, I am the President of the Victoria Mac Users Group.) So I'm excited about the ongoing rumours
about the upcoming Tablet that Apple is working on.

I've heard lots of the rumours and that's all they are - as John Gruber explains in this post there is no one who knows what is really going on, except the ones that are working on it.

Gruber, who writes the blog Daring Fireball, is well regarded for his thoughts on all things Apple and for computing in general. He's always on my must-read list.

In this post, he delves into what is known, what isn't known, and what he thinks will be known when the Table finally arrives. It's a fascinating take on what's going on by someone who likely has a better handle on things than most.

It's a fascinating essay and it's guaranteed to get your excitement level going - even if you're not an Apple fan. Because it's going to change the way we use computers.

Here's the link

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Anonymous said...

interesting...I don't even know what it is and I want one!