Thursday, July 16, 2009

A day to remember

Forty years ago today, July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 blasted off into the heavens, bound for the moon and launching a new era in space travel. If you are going to draw up a list of events that re-shaped society, walking on the moon certainly rates as one of them.

To honour the occasion, NASA has launched a special commemorative website, featuring a collection of restored video clips from that historic trip. And "The Big Picture" blog has a great collection of photos culled from that magical trip. I'm amazed how many of those images have become icons that I instantly recognize. (Link to the story)

What were you doing back then? I have a memory of playing little league baseball during that time, although I can't be sure. But I also remember watching the first steps and those pictures from the moon, so I must have been at home when they were on the moon. Or maybe I just remember the pictures from all the times I've seen them over the years.

No matter. It was, and still is, a pivotal event.

Ironically, just yesterday, a Canadian, Julie Payette, headed into space on the Space Shuttle Endeavour, bound for the International Space Station, where another Canadian, Robert Thirsk,
is waiting to greet her. Two Canadians in space at the same time. Another big moment in time worth remembering.

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