Saturday, June 13, 2009

The time has come for an Iphone

I had planned to get an Iphone when they first came out. I knew they were going to be a good phone and I was ready.

But when they finally arrived, they weren't available in Canada. So while the tech press went wild over this new device, those of us in Canada just cooled our heels...waiting.

Last year, when the Iphone finally shipped in Canada, I was ready to buy. But when I saw the price and thought about what it would cost and compared that to how much I really needed one, I ended up talking myself out of it.

But I was able to convince my wife that she really needed one, and I got to set hers up and play with it and figure out how the thing worked. And as the year went along, I kept working at rationalizing why I could use one and how it would make my life a lot better.

E533524C-AAA7-445A-93C9-B0B2EEEFD5BC.jpgSo...last week was my birthday and guess what? Heather presented me with a brand new 16 GB Iphone 3G of my very own! Just one small glitch - two days before - something the folks at Rogers didn't mention to her - Apple had announced that they were going to start selling the new 3Gs phone on June 19.

So there I was, new (old) Iphone (still in the wrapping) in one hand, struggling to decide whether I should start using it or wait a week for the new one.

At first, I figured that the new stuff wasn't that big a deal and I'd just go ahead and use the one I had. But after looking around on the Web at the speculation - especially this comprehensive article from Macworld - I've decided to wait until the new one comes out.

As it turns out, it will only be another $20 to get the new phone. And it seems like it's worth at least that. So now I can start to get excited all over again.

Just one problem. We're leaving Victoria and heading back to our cottage in Saskatchewan on June 19th. So unless I can score one early in the morning on the day we leave, I'll be waiting another three weeks until we get back to get my hands on the new phone. Oh well...I've been waiting this long - another few days isn't going to kill me.

It just gives me that much more time to get excited all over again.


Darryl said...'s about time....

You'll love it!

Dave said...

Eventually, even I come to the right decision...I'm excited, to say the least.

Eric E said...

Another few weeks won't make that big a difference. Have you got the new phone yet, or is it going to have to wait?

Dave said...

I don't have the new one yet. It comes out on Friday, the same day we're leaving for Sask. I may get it in the morning before I leave - if not, it will wait until I get back in July.

Don Cornelius said...

I'm guessing you don't have it yet Dave, because I don't yet see photos of Last Mountain Lake, as blogged from the phone.

I have last year's 3G iPhone model refreshed with this year's new O.S. and it is allowing me to catch up on the interweb while at a cottage, with the old PowerBook tethered through the phone.

This will be great for the rest of the year, until they start charging for tethering.

I envy your access to Saskatoon berries!

Dave said...

Hey Don - I did get one before I left but I haven't blogged lately. But I'm loving it so far and I'll be posting some pics soon. I've got Wi-fi here but I'm curious about tethering. Soon.