Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From the 'It's a small world" department

Kelly&Kat.jpgThis past weekend, my youngest daughter, Kelly, (on the left) who goes to school in Louisville, KY and is on the womens' rowing team there, was participating in the regional finals for The Big East Conference at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

While Louisville did all right, it wasn't the kind of finish they were hoping for to their season, and that elusive entry into the NCAA National Finals won't happen this year. But there's still time for Kelly to get there. She's entering her senior (and final) year at Louisville in the fall.

I would have loved to have been at the regatta but getting there from here on the West Coast proved to be more than I could handle this year. Heather and I are hoping to be there next year.

However, my cousin, Charles Traynor, was at the regatta, since his daughter, Kat, (on the right in the photo) who is a year older than Kelly, goes to school at the University of Iowa and is also a rower at that school.

As luck would have it, both cousins are the strokes for their respective boats and they were lined up side-by-side on Saturday. Charles sent me a note that tactfully said it was a "great" race. Kelly put it more bluntly in a text message - "Iowa dominated."

After the race, Charles caught up with Kelly and Kat and grabbed this picture. There's something kind of cool about the fact that those two cousins grew up on different sides of the continent (Hamilton and Victoria) but ended up racing against each other in Oak Ridge, Tennesee. And I'm glad that Charles was there to capture the moment.

Congrats Kelly and Kat.


Donna Papacosta said...

That's amazing. What are the odds? ;-)

Anonymous said...

very cool....I can't believe she is going into her last year....that's just crazy!