Monday, December 08, 2008

Let's squash corporate jargon, shall we?

ewww.jpgIf you like words and cringe when people start abusing them, you're going to love this list of least favourite corporate jargon that communications guru Shel Holtz has compiled. The list is also a pretty cool demonstration of the power of Twitter.
Last week, after seeing some particularly egregious corporate jargon, I queried my Twitter followers about their least favorite jargon. Here are the responses I got:

  • Leveraging low-cost locations (as a euphemism for moving US jobs overseas)
  • Class-leading
  • Value-added (One of Dave Fleet’s 10 most irritating PR phrases)
  • A value-add proposition
  • Impact (used as a verb)
  • Synergy
  • Leveraging synergies
  • Working as designed
  • Bandwidth (as in ‘I don’t have the bandwidth to help out)
  • Cutting edge (this is another one that made Dave Fleet’s list)
  • Leading edge
  • Industry leader (see Diana Huff’s comment below)
  • Good PR (as in ‘get me some good PR')
  • Best practices
  • Strategic
And the list goes on...

To see the whole list, as well as some pretty hilarious videos featuring a new word - Buffling - read the whole post.

(Via a shel of my former self.)

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