Friday, November 28, 2008

Make the BC gov't keep their promise on the Great Bear Rainforest

Here's a cause that I can really get behind. And I hope that you can too. You don't have live in BC -- the more people that pitch in and sign the petition, the better.

My fellow Victorian, Darren Barefoot wrote about this campaign in his blog recently:
The Great Bear Rainforest is a huge swath of the land–the size of Austria–on BC’s central coast. It’s home to three kinds of bears, six million migratory birds, 3000 genetically distinct salmon stocks and many species of plants unique to the region. Most importantly, it’s the largest tract of intact coastal temperate rainforest left on Earth.

As you may recall, there was a landmark agreement in 2006 among various stakeholders–the provincial government, logging companies, First Nations and environmentalists. They agreed to a new approach to resource planning developed by an independent team of scientists, and committed to its implementation by March 31, 2009. But we’re not (ahem) out of the woods yet.
There's more in his original post, including a link to a Facebook group, a video about the campaign and more information, so head over and take a look.

Darren is urging all of us to sign an online petition urging the government to live up to its promise to protect the forest. If you do, you'll get a nice little auto-responder from the environment minister, which will make you feel special. I urge all of you to go ahead and take a few seconds to add your voice to this cause.

Merry Christmas...

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