Friday, October 03, 2008

Another overlooked story

As a follow-up to my post yesterday about the Top 10 censored stories of the year, comes this story about photojournalist James Nachtwey.

7B32F309-8321-434D-9C0C-8E1A6E7DE9DB.jpgHe was a recipient in March 2007 of the TED prize (see my earlier post) and his wish was for help in breaking a news story in a way that demonstrates the power of news photography in the digital age.

As it turns out (I'm late to this story, I guess) today, Oct. 3, is the day that bloggers and news sites around the world are going to help him get his wish. I'm happy to take part in spreading the word, even if I missed the whole build-up and suspense part of things.

Nachtwey's story is the growing threat of XDRTB - Extreme Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. Not that long ago, we thought TB was all-but-extinct. But it is making a terrifying comeback. Nachtwey used the $100,000 from the TED prize to build a website and document the ravages of this new pandemic. He deserves an audience and I'm hoping his wish comes true.

Here are few links to follow to find out what this is about:

Link to, where you can see Natchtwey's video, learn more about the photographer and view the photographs he's made.

Link to Nachtwey's original acceptance speech of the TED Prize from March 2007.

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