Sunday, February 10, 2008

Apple //c Unboxing

Apple //c Unboxing
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Talk about a walk down memory lane. Dan Budiac recently bought an Apple IIc on Ebay. Nothing new there. A lot of nostalgia buffs are into picking up the computers they first owned in their youth.

But this one was special. It had never been opened! So after hemming and hawing about whether he should break the packaging, he went ahead and opened it up, while his partner documented the whole thing. The result is a great unboxing story.

Many of you will already have heard about this but I only now got around to looking at the photoset and it really is a great story.

I have fond memories of the Apple IIc. My first job was working for a farm newspaper. We didn't use computers but shortly after I started, we began buying some (at my urging, I've got to admit.)

My boss at the time was a design buff, especially industrial architecture and he fell in love with the Apple IIc. I got to use it fairly often and I loved it too. Although I didn't own an Apple myself, that first computer created an interest that I finally acted on a few years ago when I purchased my first PowerBook. I've been an Apple fan ever since.

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