Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Guerrilla Office Tactics

Productivity guru Merlin Mann over at 43 Folders has started a new thread on his blog about ways people are finding to cut down on info overload.

PR people might want to take note of some of these. For example:

Merlin suggests creating a filter for your mail that will automatically collect every piece of mail with the string "For immediate release" anywhere in the text.

Zip! There go all those press releases.

Another tip is one he calls the "Bozo filter."
Filter into a “holding” folder every email message for which you are not the sole “TO:” recipient. This filter includes lists, “CC:”s, “BCC:”s, and any number of other bulk-y messages that were never destined for you alone. Then you check that folder once a day, and create compensating rules as needed.
He's got a whack of good ideas already and he's soliciting more from his readers.

If you've got some ideas, or just want to see some of the other examples, head on over to 43 Folders. There's plenty there to help you clean up your own problems with the daily (down)load.

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