Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday fun

It's the weekend again...and time for something to make us smile.

This week, I've got a couple of video clips that should get you in the right mood for the holidays.

First up is a video, and a website, dedicated to "That Phone Guy," that annoying person we've all run into in a restaurant, or on the train or in a movie house. They just can't believe that everyone isn't as interested in hearing their voice as they are.

(Just for fun, take a close look at what kind of a phone he's using.)

That Phone Guy

If you like that one, check out the rest on his website. It gets better when you watch more than one.

And for those of you who aren't GTD geeks, and might not recognize him, the phone guy is really Merlin Mann, who runs the 43 Folders website.

Friday Fun #2

For our second smile of the week, check out this demonstration of what happens when you mix a popular candy with a soft drink. These guys have come up with a winning formula for viral marketing. They apparently shopped around this video to get the best deal. I apologize for the quality. (Video is something that Google just can't seem to get right, isn't it?)

Also, there's a commercial at the end, which you can skip. But it's worth it, in my mind, to see the video.

The Mentos guys are back

Have a great weekend!

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