Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogs and Photologs: Alternative Media During Student Strikes

This is an older story, but I've just come across it. Apparently, students in Chile have gone out on strike - but in a strikingly effective manner that underscores the power of the new media tools they are increasingly using.

This is from a post on E-Media Tidbits
The widest strikes of Chilean students since 1972 are taking the streets of Chile's main cities by storm. After two weeks of demonstrations, state-owned high schools are under student control, and the whole country is amazed by the young protesters' incredible organization.

The high school students have put into ingenious use all the means that have been taught in computer labs in the last ten years to protest for a better education and free admittance in public transport and the fees of tests to apply for universities.

The link her will take you to the E-media tidbits article I found, which contains links to a lot of examples of what's going on in the strike.

We hear a lot these days about how businesses are going to have to adapt their communications once these new "digital natives" start looking for work. This is a good example of why they need to.

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