Monday, March 13, 2006

Media watchdog becomes a victim, which bills itself as "a media issues supersite, featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide" is used to dealing with critics who denounce it for its decidedly left-wing slant on the world's news.

But now, according to a post today on the front page, the site is facing a more insidious threat, as hackers are systematically trying to put the site out of business.

Perhaps it is a coincidence, perhaps not, but on the very week that MediaChannel is offering information on the protests against the media role in the Iraq War, (link added) and as our traffic grows, parties unknown are targeting the site with a flood of vicious technical attacks designed to bring our website down.

Fighting these attacks has taken up hours of time by our webmaster and hosting company. It is draining our already meager resources. We need help from internet security specialists we cannot afford. What started as sporadic denial of service attacks has mushroomed into ongoing multiple and coordinated attacks by people determined to destroy and deprive our readers from viewing the site and taking part in our community of concerned readers worldwide.

This attack on free speech is serious, potentially well-financed and beyond our ability to deal with. We will have to cut back on what we can offer until we are able to more effectively fight back.

If this is really an attack on a site by someone determined to shut it down for saying the wrong things, it marks a disturbing new direction for press freedoms. And coming just a week after the vicious crackdown on press freedoms in Kenya, one can't help but be worried for the future.

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