Thursday, July 15, 2004

You may be wondering...

...just what the heck I've been up to lately. Well, the Tour de France is on right now, and has been for almost two weeks. That's a lot of stuff happening. Then today, the British Open started. Of course, I had to pay attention. Plus, I've been building back stairs, driving kids around, burning discs to my new, I've been busy!! So busy that I haven't been worrying too much about blogging. After all, it is summer, right?

Hope you're having a good one, despite the freakish weather that has been showing up across the country. Me, I spent today trying to get all the stuff on the basement floor out of harm's way. Last night Peterborough was hit by a freak storm and basements and streets flooded like crazy. It could happen here anytime, and if it did, we'd be in trouble. So for once, I thought maybe I should try to get ahead of the game...we'll see.

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