Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What Are Webfeeds (RSS), and Why Should You Care?

I've written before about RSS feeds and why they are important to writers, especially those of us with a strong interest in integrating technology into our daily affairs. One strong proponent of RSS has been Amy Gahran, a US writer with a specialty in online content. In a recent post to her Contentious weblog, called What Are Webfeeds (RSS), and Why Should You Care? Amy has expanded and revised an article she wrote a few months ago about RSS. (And which I referred to in that earlier post.)

Amy was also the person behind an online survey of bloggers to come up with a term that better describes what RSS is. In this new article, she introduces us to the winner, "webfeed." She is an interesting writer and someone worth listening to if you care about how people get access and make sense of all the information that is available to them on a constant basis. It's worth checking out what is happening.

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